Julie Payette to be next Governor General of Canada

Canada’s CBC News Network has confirmed that former astronaut Julie Payette will be the next Governor General of Canada, succeeding David Johnston.

Payette, who was chosen as an astronaut in 1992, and the first Canadian to go aboard the International Space Station, will become the Queen’s representative in Canada in September.

The nomination will be announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tomorrow in front of the Senate, will happen around noon.

Payette will likely succeed Johnston in September.

As Governor General, Payette would have the power to dissolve and prorogue parliament, grant Royal Assent to bills, as well as appoint the Cabinet and other officials on the advice of the Prime Minister. In the case of a minority government, Payette would also have the mandate to ask a party leader to form government, thereby appointing a Prime Minister.

A typical Governor General of Canada serves for 5 years, although David Johnston was asked to stay on for 2 years longer due to a possible minority situation in the 2015 election.

(Image: Government of Canada)


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