PM Abe’s party suffers major losses in Tokyo elections

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party has suffered major losses in a Tokyo election ahead of national elections in 2018.

Elections in Tokyo last night saw incumbent Governor Yuriko Koike’s Tokyo Citizens First Party and allies set to win 73-85 seats in the 127 seat assembly, while the LPD is to fall by at least 20 seats to 37.

Abe’s popularity has fallen recently after allegations of favoritism in his administration and business deals.

The loss also spells trouble for the national coalition. One of Koike’s allies includes the Komeito Party, which is the LPD’s coalition partner on the federal stage. The loss not only puts tension on the coalition, but also on Abe’s leadership. He is currently looking to revise the Japanese coalition, which limits the role of the Japanese military and defines the country as “pacifist.”

Created after World War Two by America, the issue of the constitution has been divisive in Japanese politics recently.

Abe is expected to shuffle his cabinet soon.

(Image: The Indepdendent)


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