Clark Liberals toppled in B.C. vote of no confidence

As was largely expected, B.C. Premier Christy Clark’s Liberal Party has been toppled by the NDP-Green alliance after a vote of no confidence.

Clark will now head to Government House, where she will meet with the Lieutenant General. The Lieutenant General would then decide whether to call an early election or call on NDP leader John Horgan to try to form government.

Clark has said she would not offer the Lieutenant General any advice.

The vote, which split along party lines 44-42, comes after weeks of political uncertainty following the inconclusive May election results, which saw Clark’s former majority fall one seat short, with the NDP and the Green combined gaining a one seat majority. The virtual tie in the Legislative Assembly has led to speculation over whether any party can command the confidence of the house.

As the governing party, the NDP would have to nominate one of its own members to become Speaker, meaning there would be a 43-43 tie on virtually every vote, requiring the Speaker to break their impartiality to cast the tie-breaking vote each time. Many have criticized this alternative, saying it would demean the Westminster system of parliament, while others say it is preferable to holding another election.

(Image: National Observer)


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