NDP and Green Party announce plan for minority government in B.C.

After weeks of negotiations, the B.C. NDP and Green parties have successfully negotiated an agreement on the formation of an NDP minority government, with supply and confidence from the Green party.

The May 7 election saw Premier Christy Clark’s Liberal Party win 43 out of the 87 seats in the legislature, meaning she had less than the 44 seats needed to form a majority. The NDP won 41 seats, while the Green party won 3.

Shortly following the announcement of the results, Green party leader Andrew Weaver announced he would go into negotiations with both the Liberals and the NDP. Speaking to reporters, Weaver said that despite there being a “lot of commonality with both parties,” certain principles were more in line with the NDP policies, including on electoral reform and the construction of the Kinder Morgan pipeline. Both the Greens and the NDP would try to block the pipeline’s construction.

The details of the agreement, which will be released tomorrow should the NDP caucus ratify it, would not result in a coalition, meaning there would be no Green Party members in cabinet.

The agreement, however, does not guarantee NDP Leader John Horgan will become Premier of British Columbia.

Incumbent Premier Christy Clark will have the first opportunity to form government. Should she choose to resign, Horgan will be summoned by the Lieutenant-General, where he will have to prove he has the confidence of the chamber. Clark, if she does not resign, can test the confidence of the assembly. In order to do so, she must pass the throne speech and budget, meaning she will have to make both friendly to either the NDP or the Greens.

The May 7 election was one of the closest in British Columbia’s history, with a little more than 1,000 votes separating the Liberals and the NDP in the popular vote.

(Image: CBC News)


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