Conservatives win big in local elections ahead of June 8 vote

Theresa May’s Conservative Party has made large gains in the U.K. local elections ahead of the snap election on June 8.

Gaining 563 seats, the Conservatives saw their best result in local elections in a decade. The party also won councils previously held by Labour coalitions, giving it momentum ahead of the June 8th vote. Despite this, Prime Minister Theresa May called on supporters “to not take a majority for granted.”

The Opposition Labour saw a drastic fall in votes, losing 382 and seven councils. Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn called the results “mixed,” but promised the elections were still winnable. Labour was also relegated to third place in its former stronghold of Scotland, behind the Conservatives and the Scottish National Party.

The results saw a collapse in the U.K. Independence Party (UKIP) vote, losing 145 seats it won in the last election. The party has struggled recently after its primary goal- removing the United Kingdom from the E.U.- was achieved.

In British local elections, the ruling party typically suffers setbacks, especially one that has been in power as long as the Conservatives. May, however, has been widely popular since becoming Prime Minister in July of 2016 after the Brexit Referendum, polling at levels similar to those of Margaret Thatcher.

(Image: Sky News)


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