Theresa May calls for election two years early, looks for united Westminster

British Prime Minister Theresa May has asked for snap elections to be held on June 8th, 2 years before they were due to be held.

The motion, which was approved by 2/3 of parliament, will see the parties go head to head as Brexit negotiations begin. Prime Minister Theresa May, whose Conservative Party holds a strong lead in polls, is looking to increase her majority and strengthen her position before the final agreement on Brexit is made.

Meanwhile, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn is seeking to prevent a disastrous electoral loss, with current projections predicting Labour’s worst loss since 1979. Labour has suffered in polls amid May’s popularity, and opponents of Corbyn within his own party. Labour members have said previously that Corbyn failed to campaign properly for the Remain side during the Brexit campaign, an issue that ultimately forced him to contest a second leadership contest.

The Liberal Democrats, under leader Tim Farrow, a leader whose personal popularity is lagging behind that of his party, wants to present itself as the only viable alternative to the Conservative Party, offering a pro-EU, pro-immigration stance. The centrist party wants to hold a second referendum on the final Brexit agreements before they are approved by parliament.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party, meanwhile, is looking to promote its calls for a second Scottish independence referendum. Scotland, the only region where the SNP contests elections, is heavily dominated by the party, but even it is expected to suffer losses should the elections be held today.

May’s Conservatives are expected to handily expand their majority, holding around 46% of the vote in recent polls.

(Image: Political Home)


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