Protests in Serbia following election of Vucic as President

Protesters continued to march in the streets of Belgrade and the rest of Serbia over the weekend, accusing the government of altering the results of last week’s election, which saw Prime Minister Vucic become the country’s President-elect.

Reports of fraud arose shortly after the polls closed, angering those who fear Vucic will use his position to consolidate power over the country, remaining in charge of his party in parliament. Some of the reports of fraud include the bribery and threatening of voters, as well as irregularities in the counting of the votes.

Vucic has also been criticized for his treatment of the media, with journalists critical of the government being publicly attacked, and several news organizations being subjected to frequent and harsh financial inspections.

Vucic won the election with over 55% of the vote, while his closest opponent finished with 16%.

(Image: EPA)


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