Scottish parliament votes for second Scottish referendum

One day before Brexit is to be triggered by Prime Minister Theresa May, the Scottish parliament has voted to ask for a second Scottish referendum.

Scotland voted overwhelmingly in the 2016 referendum to remain in the European Union, and the results have caused a wave of resentment against the United Kingdom, sparking calls for another referendum to allow Scottish residents the right to choose once again.

The 2013 referendum ended with Scotland choosing to remain in the U.K., but First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, among others, have said that the changing circumstances warranted another opportunity to decide.

May, however, has criticized the move, stating it destabilizes the U.K. in a time for unity, as she prepares to trigger Brexit on March 29, starting 2 years of negotiations. She has previously stated that she would deny a referendum, instead waiting until after Britain had left the E.U. in 2019 to allow for residents to have “the full picture” before they make their decision.

(Image: The Independent)


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