Trump, Ryan pull GOP Healthcare bill, Obamacare to remain for “foreseeable future”

In a blow to House Speaker Paul Ryan and President Donald Trump’s political capital, the American Health Care Act, the replacement bill to former President Barrack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, has been pulled.

Following a report that 20 million Americans would lose coverage, many moderate Republicans announced they wouldn’t back the plan, as members of the Freedom Caucus did the same, claiming the benefits were too generous.

Facing uncertainty over whether or not the bill would pass in the House of Representatives, and with even less certainty in the Senate, Trump and Ryan announced on Friday that the bill would not be put to a vote, after already having been delayed.

Ryan also said that “Obamacare will stay for the foreseeable future,” a stark contrast from the Republican message that they campaigned on since the 2010 midterms. Trump too had previously said that the AHCA would be the only opportunity to repeal Obamacare, after which he would move on to other priorities.

Whether an alternative plan is being created is as yet unknown.

(Image: WOSU Radio)


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