Jason Kenney wins Progressive Conservative leadership race in Alberta

Former MP and Federal Minister Jason Kenney, who served under former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has won the leadership of Alberta’s Progressive Conservative party on the first ballot.

Kenney campaigned to bring the Progressive Conservative party, who governed the province for over four decades before a 2015 loss to the NDP’s Rachel Notley, and the Wildrose Party together in a merger that would create a united right.

The PC party fell to third place in those elections, with the division between Conservative voters in a traditionally right-wing province taking the blame for the NDP’s majority win.

Kenney was elected with a majority on the first ballot, avoiding a run-off vote.

The matter of a merger will be decided in a referendum, should talks prove successful.

Alberta is a leading oil-producer, and has faced an economic downturn with the drop in oil prices that has seen unemployment rise.

(Image: Huffington Post)


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