Partial results confirm Rutte victory

With 28% of the vote counted in the Dutch elections, incumbent Prime Minister Mark Rutte held on to his sizeable lead.

The results projected the following results:

VVD: 32
PVDA (Labour Party): 10
PVV: 19
SP: 14
CDA: 20
D66: 18
CU: 6
GL: 14
SGP: 3
PvdD: 5
50+: 4
FvD: 3

Despite losing 9 seats from the 2012, Rutte’s VVD remained the largest party in parliament, and successfully beat off the challenge from Geert Wilders’s PVV Party, which had been riding the recent wave of populism, and hoping to become the largest party. It is expected that Rutte will form a coalition with another three parties, the largest coalition in the Netherlands in half a century.

(Image: Reuters)



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