Dutch Labour Party falls to 9 seats in “dramatic night,” but “will rebuild”

The Dutch Labour Party is set to fall to 9 seats in parliament on Wednesday, which would be one of its worst election results in history.

There is anger against the party, who is currently in government as a coalition partner of Prime Minister Rutte’s VVD, for supporting austerity programs.

As exit polls were released, it became apparent that anger towards the party translated to a loss of votes, many of whom went to other left-wing parties like the D66, or the Green Party.

Lodewijk Asscher, leader of the Labour Party, said the following:

“This is a difficult night for the PvdA, the result is disappointing. But we will have to accept it… Our party has governed our country and led it out of the crisis. But we couldn’t convince the voters. A social economy will continue to be our priority.”

Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem, also a Labour Party member, said, “We have been through ups and downs the past months. We will start rebuilding [support] tomorrow, with all our members. We are social-democrats, we will never give up.”

The Labour Party will likely be out of government after the results, with the 9 seats not enough to secure the same majority Labour and VVD previously held.

(Image: NU)


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