François Fillon faces formal charges for fraud

Les Republicains candidate and former Prime Minister François Fillon is facing formal charges for the scandal that has seen him slide in polls and fall from his former position as the front-runner in the upcoming French elections.

Fillon is accused of paying his wife Penelope hundreds of thousands of euros in taxpayer money for jobs around his parliamentary office. Although that in itself is not unusual in France, it was also alleged that Penelope had never actually done any work in the office.

After news of the scandal surfaced, prominent conservative leaders began to abandon Fillon’s candidacy, with many calling for him to step aside, which Fillon had promised to do should he face formal charges.

Fillon has also fallen to third place in the polls, meaning he would not go on to the second round of voting on May 7, being replaced by independent centrist Emmanuel Macron.

He has repeatedly denied the allegations, calling them a “political assassination.”

(Image: Le Parisien)


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