Former P.M. Valls to endorse Centrist Macron

Former Prime Minister and Socialist primary candidate Manuel Valls is set to endorse independent centrist and front-runner Emmanuel Macron, according to Le Parisien.

Valls lost his party’s nomination to far-left candidate Benoit Hamon, but neither were seen as having much of a chance to win the upcoming elections, with incumbent Socialist President Francois Hollande’s approval ratings showing deep dissatisfaction.

Macron, himself a former Socialist party member and Hollande cabinet member, has emerged as front-runner following conservative candidate Fillon’s scandal surrounding his wife’s job in his administration.

The endorsement will deal a blow to Hamon’s campaign, and give a boost to Macron, who is now in a position to overtake Marine Le Pen in the first round of voting.

Should he and Le Pen face off in the second round of voting, Macron is seen to win 62% to her 38%.

(Image: BFMTV)


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