Dutch P.M. Rutte: Wilders may win election

Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte told reporters on Monday that there is a strong chance far-right leader Geert Wilders may win Wednesday’s election.

“There is a real risk that on March 16 we can wake up in this country and Geert Wilders is leading the biggest party and that will send a signal to the rest of the world,” said Rutte, as his has been trailing in recent polls.

Wilders has been leading a populist movement, campaigning against Dutch participation in the European Union and the recent surge in immigration into the country.

Wilders also made news last week, when after German-Turkish relations soured over an imprisoned German journalist, said that if elected he would ban the entirety of the Turkish cabinet from the country.

Since then, Dutch-Turkish relations have also taken a turn for the worse, with Erdogan now threatening sanctions, and with the Family Minister and Foreign Minister banned from the country.


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