Settlers evicted from private Palestinian land by Israeli government

Israeli settlers in the West Bank, living on private Palestinian lands, have been removed by the Israeli government.

With the settler movement ramping up following U.S. Donald Trump’s election, and after his statements stating he would support either a two state solution or a one state solution- a change in U.S. policy- the move was enforced by the Israeli Supreme Court.

The order, which has angered right-wing parties, told the Israeli government to demolish nine buildings housing 3,000 Israelis- on land proved to be privately owned by Palestinian citizens.

The move follows evictions in Amona, another settlement in the West Bank, and comes after the December vote by the U.N. Security Council, which condemned the Israeli settler movement, citing it as an obstacle to peace in the Middle East.

Israeli settlers spoke out against the evictions, saying that the towns had been established legally following Israel’s occupation of Gaza and the West Bank after a war in the Sixties, as well as their historical claim to the land.


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