Enda Kelly, Prime Minister of Ireland, faces challenges over leadership

(Image: Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Prime Minister of Ireland Enda Kelly has been criticized for his lack of a plan in dealing with his leadership. Having announced he will not run for re-election in the upcoming elections, Kelly has not set out a timeline for when his successor as leader of his party, and depending on the timing, Prime Minister, will be chosen.

Already his centre-right party has struggled in polls recently due to a scandal over policing, and now even members of his own party have spoken against him over his lack of communication. There has been speculation that the process to select a new leader will begin following his visit to the United States next week, although this has not been confirmed by the Prime Minister himself.

The leaders of Kelly’s Fine Gael party had previously threatened to table a motion of no confidence against Kelly should he not make his plans clear, but the Vice-Chairman has stated that such a motion “is no longer necessary.”

Among possible contenders to replace Kelly, who has been in office since 2011, are Housing Minister Simon Coveney, and Social Protection Minister Leo Varadkar.


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