Betsy DeVos confirmed by Senate as next Secretary of Education

(Image: Reuters/Yuri Gripas)

Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education. Betsy DeVos, was confirmed in the Senate with Mike Pence’s tie-breaking vote on Tuesday.

DeVos’s nomination was controversial, with many of the Senators on the confirmation committee deeming her unprepared and not well-suited, passing her, according to some Republican Senators, only to allow the Senate to debate and decide themselves.

Her nomination was condemned by many Democrats, who feared her apparent lack of support for public schools, favouring the alternative charter school system.

Her nomination debate lasted through the night as Democrats tried to convince Republicans to vote against her, ultimately succeeding in winning over two Republicans, one short of the 51 Senators needed to deny her nomination.

Instead, DeVos faced a tied vote, which, according to Senate rules, would bring in the President of the Senate, or the Vice President, to cast the final vote. Pence voted for DeVos’s nomination, allowing her to assume the role later the same day.


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