Trudeau government backs off of electoral reform promise

(Image copyright Fred Chartrand/Canadian Press)

Breaking one of his biggest campaign promises, it was announced on Wednesday that the Canadian Liberal government would not be pursuing the reform of the electoral system.

In a speech by newly-appointed Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould, it was revealed that since “no clear consensus” had been reached by the Canadian public on a favoured system, or whether or not to even hold a referendum, were key in the decision.

The announcement was immediately criticized by NDP Leader Tom Mulcair and Green Leader Elizabeth May, both of whom would benefit from such a reform, as well as other Members of Parliament.

NDP member Nathan Cullen blasted Trudeau’s reversal, saying, “[Trudeau] certainly had no problems making the promise, but not the courage to break that promise in front of all of you here today.”

Elizabeth May, in an emotional press briefing, also expressed her dismay. She said, “I am deeply afraid that this betrayal will strike much more deeply in the hearts of Canadians than Prime Minister Trudeau realizes, particularly among young people… We are in a time of dangerous politics. You must never do anything as a politician who understands what’s at stake that feeds cynicism. Cynicism has enough to feed itself. It is work to feed hope. It is work to feed faith. And when you break faith you will reap what you sow.”


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