Protesters take to streets after those with visas are denied entry into the U.S.

Chaos and protests broke out on the streets of the United States on Saturday as news emerged that Trump’s executive order extended to those with valid visas and green cards, even permanent residents who had gone on vacation.

These passengers were either kicked off their flight or detained upon arrival, sparking outrage from opposition parties, civil rights groups, and even members of Trump’s Republican party.

At New York’s JFK airport, 11 people were said to be detained, with the release of one of them secured following a Democratic congresswoman’s involvement and pressure on the Trump administration.

Iran, one of the countries on Trump’s list, threatened to retaliate by denying all Americans entry into the Middle Eastern nation.

In a blow to Trump’s order, however, a federal judge will temporarily allow those with permanent visas to regain entry into the U.S., but how long the order will remain valid is unclear.

The Trump administration responded to questions about the denial of those with permanent visas into the country by stating that they should check with a U.S. consulate before they leave the country to determine whether or not they would be able to return, but offered no reassurement to those whose loved ones were already out of the country.

Already lawsuits have been tabled against the order, saying that by targeting Muslim countries, Trump violated the constitution.


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