Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu questioned by police for third time

Police arrived at the Prime Minister’s house on Friday for the third time as part of two criminal investigations into Benjamin Netanyahu’s conduct.

The Prime Minister of Israel is facing investigations into whether or not he accepted gifts from businessmen, as well as a conversation he had with the owner of one of Israel’s largest newspapers, where he offered him financial benefits should he cover the government’s affairs more leniently.

The spokesman for Netanyahu released a statement denying all wrongdoing, saying:

“All the supposed affairs will turn out to be fiction, as will be the claims currently being published in the media… Nothing will be found because there is nothing to uncover,”

-Spokesman of the Prime Minister of Israel

Previous investigations by police into Netanyahu’s affairs have not led to charges, although he would not be forced to resign if charges were brought forth under Israeli law.

Opposition members have called for Netanyahu’s resignation, which would likely result in new elections with no clear heir to Netanyahu in his Likud party.


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