Trump signs executive order; orders construction of Mexican border wall

Fresh off of his inauguration, Donald Trump was looking to fulfill some of his biggest campaign promises.

After already having signed orders easing the regulations of the Affordable Care Act, as well as pulling out of the TPP, Trump signed two further orders, which as well as beginning the process of the construction of a wall along the American-Mexican border, would eliminate so-called “sanctuary cities,” that protect illegal immigrants from deportation.

The orders were signed at the Department of Homeland Security, where Trump was attending a ceremony for newly-appointed Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly.

How Trump intends to build the wall or how much it will cost is unknown, but Trump said last year it would be around $8 billion USD. That price has been criticized by others as too low for the size that the wall would be.

It is also expected that the construction of the wall will be a part of upcoming NAFTA renegotiations with Canada and Mexico, the latter of which recently stated would resign from NAFTA if negotiations were unfavourable to the country.


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