NAFTA renegotiations, economy to dominate Canadian Cabinet retreat

Trudeau’s newly shuffled Cabinet will go to Calgary, Alberta, for a retreat, as issues such as Trump wanting to renegotiate NAFTA dominate headlines.

With Chrystia Freeland replacing Stéphane Dion as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trudeau’s new cabinet is poised to take on the Trump administration in what could prove to be contentious talks, as Trump has promised to put America first in trade deals, and could potentially withdraw from NAFTA altogether.

The retreat also comes as the Trudeau Ministry has come under fire for ethical and moral questions, from Trudeau’s visit to the Aga Khan’s private island, to the Cash for Access scandal, to his refusal to speak English in a town hall event in Quebec.

Trudeau has been trying to refresh his image, going on a cross-country tour to reconnect with Canadians. The retreat is to focus on returning jobs to the middle class and delivering economic growth.

“I am delighted to hold this year’s first Cabinet retreat in Calgary. We know just how important Calgary, Alberta, and all of Western Canada are to our country’s shared prosperity and growth. Our government will continue to strike a balance between the economy and the environment, and to responsibly get our resources to market so more hardworking Canadians can get back to work. To the citizens of this great province, I say: we recognize how important you are to the future of Canada, and we will continue to work together to bring about real and positive change for you and your families.”

-Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

The retreat is set to begin on January 23rd and last two days.


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