Today in World History: November 6th

Canadian Armed Forces claimed Passchendale on this day in 1917, ending the Third Battle of Ypres. One of the longest and bloodiest conflicts of World War One, it is also credited with the rise of Canadian nationalism. Fought in Belgium, the battle was fought between the armies of the British Empire, France, and Belgium, and the army of the German Empire. In Flanders, Belgium, the weather was poor and unsuited for a military campaign, creating a large controversy and a political issue within the British Empire. The battle lasted several months, starting on July 31st when the British Army attacked the German military early in the morning. The resulting battle would claim anywhere from 200,000 and 500,000 soldiers on both sides, and was one of many late-war decisive Allied victories. The battle was a stepping stone to the expulsion of the German military from Belgium and the eventual end of the war.


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