Today in World History: November 2nd

Matilda of Flanders died on this day in 1083. Marrying Norman Duke William in 1059, her family, as counts of Flanders, were able to aid the Norman duke in his mission to claim the English throne. By 1066, Matilda was crowned as Queen of England, and gave birth to ten children during her reign as Queen Consort. Matilda was deeply devoted to her children, ensuring they received a good education, even with her daughters, against the customs of the time. Matilda also supported the revitalization of the church, along with her husband. Matilda also fought for the arts and education in England, founding schools and commissioning works of art. She fell ill in the summer of 1083, and died only months later. Her husband died less than four years later. Two of her sons, William and Henry, followed William I as kings of England.


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