Today in World History: October 29th

Sir Walter Raleigh, English explorer, politician, and spy, died on this day in 1618. After having settled the first English colony on Roanoke Island, Raleigh popularized tobacco in England, where it eventually spread to the rest of Europe. His efforts in colonizing the Americas in the name of Queen Elizabeth I earned him land in the New World. He continued his voyages in the name of the crown, searching for a lost city in the mountains, made of gold. During his expedition in 16-3 didn’t find anything, but he published a book that only increased the mystique of the lost city of gold, or El Dorado. Queen Elizabeth died shortly after, and Raleigh quickly fell out of favor of new king James. He was imprisoned in the Tower of London before leading a second expedition into Spanish lands in 1616, attempting to locate El Dorado. His attempts angered the Spanish crown, and upon his return to England, he was executed in an attempt to appease the Spanish king at the age of sixty-five.


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