Today in World History: October 28th

The March on Rome, in which a military revolution led by Benito Mussolini overthrew the Italian government, happened on this day in 1922. Following the end of World War Two and the restoration of cultural Italian lands from Austria-Hungary, the Italian nation became involved in colonizing Northern Africa. Meanwhile, the National Fascist Party of Italy began gaining popularity under leader Benito Mussolini, and despite losing in the 1919 elections, the party became more powerful with the support of many Italians. On the 22 of October, Mussolini began his armed march towards the Italian capital, armed with more than 30,000 men against the Roman police. By the 29th of October Mussolini had assumed power over the Italian government, with King Victor Emmanuel III opposing his claim to the Italian presidency. Mussolini remained in power throughout the following decade and into World War Two, until being defeated and executed by the Allies and the Italian populace after a defeat. King Victor Emmanuel III remained king, helping the Allies in their war against the Axis, before abdicating in 1946 shortly before the institution of the Italian Republic.


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