Today in World History: October 23rd

The United Nations General Assembly convened for the first time in New York City on this day in 1946. Following the end of World War Two and the formation of the United Nations in 1945, the fifty one nations involved in the new organization met to discuss the future of the world after the war, including the fate of Germany and the European colonies in Africa. With the home of the United Nations yet to be decided, the United Nations met in one of the world’s largest and most important cities at the time, with the announcement of the U.N.’s headquarter locations only to be announced in 1948. The United Nations would go on to broker peace in the Middle East after the declaration of Israeli independence, along with being heavily involved in humanitarian efforts during the Vietnam and Korean Wars. The United Nations served as the successor to the failed League of Nations, created following the end of World War One by American President Woodrow Wilson.


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