Today in World History: October 15th

The Siege of Vienna ended on this day in 1529, with an Austrian defeat of the Ottoman Empire. Under Hapsburg control, Austria was aided in the war against the Ottomans by the Spanish Empire and the Holy Roman Empire. Suleiman the Magnificent, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, had previously expanded on the Ottoman campaigns in Europe to conquer the Balkans, reaching as far West as Central Hungary, before marching to the Austrian capital of Vienna. There, he was met with resistance from the Hapsburg troops, and was forced to turn around, marking the end of Ottoman advancement in the West, and ending more than a century of Ottoman conquests in Europe. The first big defeat of the Empire, it also saw the rise of Austrian expansion into the East as it proved that Hapsburg armies were more than competent enough to battle the Ottoman Empire, a country whose military had gone unmatched in the years before.


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