Today in World History: October 14th

As part of the Norman and Norwegian invasion of England, Harold Godwinson was killed in battle on this day in 1066. Following the death of Edward the Confessor without a legitimate heir, Harold was crowned as the next King of England. William the Bastard, a Norman duke, sought to press his claim for the English throne, and launched an invasion in 1066. At the same time, Norwegian king Harald Hardrada invaded England as well. He landed on the East coast of England, where he was met by the English army and was quickly defeated in September of 1066. Now moving his troops to defend against the Norman invaders, Harold Godwinson was killed in the Battle of Hastings, leaving William king. William was crowned as King of England on December 25th, 1066, the last successful invader of the British Isles, and brought French cultures and traditions to England, helping to transform it into modern England.


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