Today in World History: October 5th

King Theodoric II of the Visigoths, a branch of the nomadic tribes that brought down the Western Roman empire led an invasion of the Iberian Peninsula to expand the Visigoth kingdom on this day in 458. As the German tribes began movign farther and farther to the West, even sacking Rome on their way, they began settling down in the Iberian Peninsula and France. They established a kingdom, which, with a treaty with the Roman Empire, was to provide military assistance should the Emperor require it. They eventually broke away from the Empire, and expanded to cover Iberia and Southern France, with their capital situated at Toulouse. Eventually, the Visigoth Kingdom began fragmenting into different Christian states, and by the 8th century, Muslim incursions into Iberia began, starting with the conquest of Granada, the last province to be taken in the Reconquista of 1492. Eventually, the Visigoths fell to the Muslim invaders, but were succeeded by several independent Christian states that eventually united to form modern Spain and Portugal.


One thought on “Today in World History: October 5th

  1. I have never heard of this story or King Theodoric II , great post! I am going to do some more research on this, very interested to know about the visigoths, never heard of them either =)

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