Today in World History: October 3rd

Vercingetorix, Chief of the the Gauls, surrendered to Julius Caesar on this day in 52 B.C.E. at the Battle of Alesia, ending the Gallic conquests of Julius Caesar. As Julius Caesar’s armies pushed forwards into Gaul, modern day France, to conquer the last of the lands held by Gallic tribes, the remaining tribes united under Vercingetorix to lead one last rebellion against the Roman incursions. However, by the time Vercingetorix was able to unite the Gallic tribes, it was too late, and following the Battle of Alesia the Gallic troops were defeated. Vercingetorix was brought before Julius Caesar, surrendering to the Romans and laying down his shield. The Battle of Alesia is one of the defining moments for the Roman Republic, as it saw the confirmed conquest of Gaul and the affirmation of Julius Caesar as one of Rome’s greatest military leaders and confirmed his rise to power until his assassination. Vercingetorix himself was executed five years after the end of the battle, at the age of thirty-six.


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