Today in World History: September 18th

The Seven Years War, in which the major powers of Europe, most specifically France and England, went to war, began to turn in favor of the British Empire as they conquered Quebec City on this day in 1759. The war, which lasted from 1754 to 1763, had Prussia, Great Britain, and Portugal pitted in battle against the Holy Roman Empire, Russia, France, and the Hapsburg Empire, including Spain, as well as Sweden and the Mughal Empire in India. The war was crucial in the development of the European colonies in North America, as Native American tribes took up arms to fight alongside the French, who at the time controlled Quebec, Louisiana, and much of the Central United States. The war ended with victory for Great Britain. In the final treaty signed by the nations involved in the war, France was forced to cede all of its territories in Canada, along with giving Spain control over Louisiana. From Spain England was able to take several colonies, including Senegal in Africa. The war played a vital role in the formation of Canada, as it united the Canadian provinces under the flag of England, paving the way for Confederation in 1867.


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