Today in World History: September 11th

Henry Hudson, English explorer, discovered the Island of Manhattan on this day in 1609. Commissioned by the Dutch to find a path to the Far East through the East, Hudson heard rumors of a passage through the West, deciding upon that route and departing in early 1609. He reached Nova Scotia in today’s Canada before being forced to turn around by the ice blocking his route. Instead of returning to Europe, however, Hudson went South, towards the modern United States. Passing by Cape Cod, he went further South into New York, where he even reached the site of Albany, capital of New York, before returning to England, where he was detained as he was trying to communicate with the Dutch. He got his journey’s log to the Dutch ambassador in the end, enabling the Dutch settlement of New York and the colonization of Manhattan Island as New Amsterdam. Hudson set sail again in 1610 with British funding, exploring Central Canada, discovering Hudson Bay and the surrounding area. After a mutiny on board his ship, Hudson was marooned in Hudson Bay, and was never heard from again.


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