Today in World History: September 7th

The 70 A.D. Siege of Jerusalem on this day saw Roman legions under future emperor Titus occupy and sack Jerusalem, capital of the Jewish rebellion against Roman rule. In 66 A.D., Following disputes over taxation of the Jewish citizens and the murders of Roman citizens in Judea, a rebellion broke out. In response to the rebellion, the Romans executed more than 6,000 Jewish citizens of the empire, but were quickly expelled from Jerusalem by rebels. Vespasian, the general of the army sent to defeat the rebels, brought his son Titus along with him, leaving Titus in charge in 69 A.D. when he became Roman Emperor and was forced to return to Rome. In Jerusalem, Titus managed to defeat the Jewish rebels as infighting between factions in the city was at a peak. Just before the Roman army broke through, the fighting within the city caused the destruction of the city’s entire food supplies. Upon entering Jerusalem, Titus’s troops sacked the city, going so far as to destroying the Second Temple of Jerusalem. Following Jerusalem’s defeat, Titus returned to Rome as well to aid his father with the civil turmoil in the Roman Empire, leaving troops in Judea to defeat the remaining rebels, in 73 A.D. finally ending the first Jewish-Roman War.


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