Today in World History: September 6th

On this day in 1620, Pilgrims from Plymouth, England, set sail towards North America, hoping to find a better life there. On board the Mayflower, the Pilgrims aboard the ship would end up arriving on November 27, in modern New England. They had some difficulties with the Natives, however, and in December were forced to relocate nearby. The harsh winter, along with the outbreak of tuberculosis and pneumonia, killed more than half of the approximately hundred people on board, and only on March 21, 1621, did the Pilgrims disembark from the ship and settle down on the mainland. There remained problems with the local population, but eventually, upon the acclimatization of the Pilgrims, a relationship began to form, with the Natives teaching the Pilgrims how to grow the local crops, how to survive the winter, and showed them the area. By that same fall, the Pilgrims were able to celebrate a successful harvest, a celebration that lasted throughout the ages and is now Thanksgiving, celebrated mainly in North America. Eventually, the Pilgrims turned on the Natives, conquering them and enslaving them, but not before their diseases they brought with them decimated the Natives as well.


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