Today in World History: August 10th

The Pueblo Revolt, an uprising of Native Americans in New Mexico against Spanish explorers and colonists, started on this day in 1680. As the Spaniards were moving North, towards the West Coast, they began to upset the Native American tribes of the area more and more. Spain was sending waves of settlers and missionaries to the area, disrespecting the local customs and trespassing on their lands. By the late 17th century, tension between the Pueblo Natives and the Spanish colonists reached a breaking point. Between the 10th and 21st of August, the Pueblo Natives rose up against Spain, killing more than 400 Spanish settlers and soldiers, and forcing the retreat of 2,000 more settlers. This drove Spain out of New Mexico, but it did not stop Spain’s attempts to regain control over the area. As threats of French colonists drew nearer, Spain tried to regain control over the Pueblo in 1861, but they failed. In 1862, however, they tried a new tactic, regaining control over much of New Mexico in an agreement with the Pueblo, offering them clemency and forgiveness for their sins. The Pueblo remained rebellious, forcing the Spanish to enforce strict policies against the practice of Pueblo culture. In 1696, a second and unsuccessful revolt was staged, at which point Spain finished their reconquest and many Pueblo Natives fled to the Apache and Navajo tribes.


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