Today in World History: August 4th

Anne Frank, along with her family and the other occupants of the secret annex in Amsterdam were discovered on this day by the Gestapo in 1944, after which they were taken to the German concentration camps. After living in the Netherlands following Hitler’s rise to power in Germany, the Frank family, consisting of Otto Frank, Edith Frank, and their two daughters, Margot and Anne, were forced to go into hiding following the Nazi occupation of Holland, due to their fear of prosecution for being Jewish. They stayed in the hidden annex for two years, sharing the room with several other members, and being cared for by several friends. The annex was located in a workplace, so that the residents of the annex had to stay quiet during the day, only moving during the night, when the building was empty. During this time, Anne kept a diary, which was then published posthumously by her father, as a tribute to her. On this day in 1944, the Gestapo, the German secret police, received a tip alerting them to the location of the families, and they arrived early in the morning to arrest them.

Moving them to concentration camps, the residents of the annex were separated, and Edith Frank died first of starvation, soon after the two Frank daughters were moved to Bergen-Belsen. Margot and Anne remained in Bergen-Belsen until their deaths sometime in February or March, where they were believed to have died of typhus, only weeks before the Americans’ liberation of the camp. Otto Frank was the only one to have survived out of the eight people living in the annex to survive, after which he made Anne’s story public, and establishing the Anne Frank Foundation in her name and in the memory of his family.

“Whoever is happy will make others happy too.”

-Anne Frank

2 thoughts on “Today in World History: August 4th

  1. Perhaps mentioning they were Jewish and persecuted for that would make it clear why the Frank family left Germany, went into hiding and were sent to the death camp.


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