Today in World History: July 9th

The Argentinian declaration of independence on this day in 1816 was one of many revolutions that swept across Latin America, starting with Gran Colombia, to Mexico and Peru. Voted on in the Argentine city of Tucumán, the declaration of independence saw Spain’s largest remaining colony break away. This, along with Napoleon’s deposition of the Spanish King Fernando VII and his replacement with Napoleon’s brother, pushed the countries over the edge. The major Spanish colonies all declared their independence within less than thirty years and contributed to the increasingly downwards trajectory of Spain’s future. The newly independent nations started out as larger republics, although they quickly broke apart into separate countries, the most prominent one being the separation of Gran Colombia into Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama, and parts of Brazil and Peru. Remnants of the Argentinian declaration of independence remain present in the constitution as the original name of the republic,  the United Provinces of South America, is still considered a legal name for modern day Argentina. This refers to the Argentinian provinces present at the congress that decided the country’s fate, along with future Bolivian provinces as well. The declaration of independence happened six years after the Argentinian’s war of independence began in 1810, and would last until 1818. However, Spain would not recognize the country’s independence until the second half of the 19th century.

“Judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.”

-Simon Bolivar
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