Today in World History: March 28th

The first Tsar of all Russia, Ivan the Terrible, died of a stroke on this day in 1584. Born in 1530, he expanded the Russian lands as Grand Prince of Moscow, conquering parts of Russia that remain in Russia’s control today. Ivan’s conquests ensured Russia’s longevity, as he toppled many of their long-standing enemies, as well as securing enough land and resources to finance Russia’s future wars. Due to the harsh Russian climates, Russian leaders such as Ivan had to invent ways to navigate their men through the landscape, as many died of starvation or cold. He expanded Russia’s land to a size where he was powerful enough to proclaim the Russian Empire, the same one that would become the largest existing state, and would last until the fall of the Romanovs. He died at the age of fifty-three, leaving his empire to a son that would die childless and bring in a time of instability to the Russian Empire.


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