Today in World History: March 24th

James VI of Scotland and I of England rose to the throne of England on this day in 1603. After the reign of Elizabeth Gloriana had come to an end, the son of Mary, Queen of Scots, and then king of Scotland, assumed the throne. Upon his rise to the British crown the Stuart dynasty began, as did the union of Scotland and England. Although he would be one of the last monarchs of England before their power became limited, he achieved many great things. Founding Great Britain, he sent out some of the first British colonists to the New World, founding the colonial nations that would one day turn into the United States and Canada. Due to his views on British politics, which he believed should be the same as Scottish politics, he was the target of many assassination attempts. He wanted a single parliament for both England and Scotland, although his dream was never achieved. He would become the longest serving monarch of Scotland before his rise to the throne. He died in 1625 at the age of fifty-eight, of a stroke.


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