Today in World History: March 23rd

Adolf Hitler’s post World War One Germany passed legislature on this day in 1933, making him the dictator of Germany. After assuming emergency powers, Hitler forced the government to forsake its constitution, allowing Hitler to assume permanent unlimited power. This helped him to pass other laws and acts that would allow his setting up of concentration camps, and the ghettos that contained millions of Jews, Roma, and political enemies and religious minorities. This law also helped Hitler violate the Treaty of Versailles, which had forbidden Germany from amassing an army. Hitler violated the treaty, and faced little opposition from other world leaders as they did not stand up to Hitler’s violations. Hitler would also use this power to take over the German media, which allowed him to control what his citizens were hearing on the news every night, twisting the events of the war and feeding them false information. Hitler would serve as the dictator of Germany until his death, shortly before the end of World War Two.


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