Today in World History: March 22nd

The British Empire, which in 1765 still controlled the Thirteen Colonies, further aggravated the independence movement in their overseas territory on this day in 1765. By passing the Stamp Act of 1765, the British Empire increased the taxes on all mail except official government mail, making such methods of communication such as newspapers and letters inaccessible to the poorer population of the colonies. This angered the people of America, and it lead to further discussion and much more open support for the secession of the colonies from the Empire. By passing the Stamp Act and others like it, such as the tea taxes, the British Empire alienated their citizens, and although they later repealed the Stamp Act, it was too late. The colonial nations had already reached the end of their patience, and in 1776 declared their independence from the British Empire, taking off a jewel from the Empire’s crown, although it would soon be replaced with the massive growth of other British colonies in Canada, Africa, and India.

“Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.”

-George Washington


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