Today in World History: March 21st

Otto von Bismarck, leader of the Prussian Empire, finally achieved his life goal and united the states of Germany, receiving the title of Chancellor of Germany on this day in 1871. After spending many years of his life as Emperor of Prussia, the state that ruled much of Northern Germany in the Victorian Age, he transformed his country into the Northern German Federation. His military was feared across the continent, and served as the tipping point in major conflicts across Europe. By the late 1800’s Prussian power had reached a point where it had controlled all of Germany, a feat not completed as the Prussians had since the early times of the Carolingian Empire. Von Bismarck revolutionized his nation, building canons and factories. He became the first chancellor of Germany, as he had truly been the first ruler of a renewed Germany that would dominate mainland Europe for years to come.

“The secret of politics? Make a good treaty with Russia.”

-Otto von Bismarck

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