Today in World History: March 13th

On this day in 1881, Alexander II of Russia was assassinated by reformists who sought to end the economic and political troubles of Russia. After sixty years of life, two young members of the  Narodnaya Volya movement bombed his carriage, and although he initially survived the first bombing by the first member, the second one throwing a bomb directly at the emperor’s feet. Alexander II was grievously injured by the second explosion, and rushed back to his palace, where he died only two days after freeing the serfs of Russia from forced labor. Upon his death, his son, Alexander III rose to power, and he set back the reform movement in Russia as he scrapped his father’s plan for a constitutional government, one that had almost been released before Alexander II’s death. His grandson, Tsar Nicholas II, would suffer for his father’s action as revolutionaries forced him to institute the reform and later shot him at his house after forcing his abdication. Alexander II was emperor of Russia for twenty six years and died at the age of sixty-two.


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