Today in World History: March 4th

The Wars of the Roses, a series of civil wars in Medieval England, continued on this day in 1461 as King Henry VI was deposed. These wars began between the houses of Lancaster and York, largely because of the mental instability of Henry VI. He would often suffer periods of incoherence, and eventually resorted to letting his wife, Margaret, take over the kingdom, which at the time was at war with France in the 100 Years’ War. The other branch of the House of Plantagenet, the House of York, grew resentful of Henry’s attempts at making peace in what was becoming a french-dominated war, and led a rebellion against him. After Henry was deposed, Edward IV was crowned, and he was later succeeded by Richard III. Richard, who is known to have allegedly killed his nephews to ascend to the throne, had to face war from the Lancasters, who, led by the future Henry VII, would eventually win the war, killing Richard and establishing the Tudor Dynasty, which would include the rule of Queen Elizabeth I and end with her death in 1603, to be succeeded by the Stuarts.


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