Today in World History: February 27th

The Roman Emperor Constantine the Great was revered by the Roman citizens that he ruled. His rule marked the end of an era in the Roman Empire, as he converted to Christianity. Born on this day in 272 A.D., he also built a great imperial city in the town of Byzantium, which he renamed as Constantinople, after himself. The town would grow to be the religious, commercial, and military capital of the Byzantine Empire and the world, renowned for its many churches and a university. He reformed the military, and was able to lead his nation to victory against the Germanic tribes of the North that had beat them the century before. By the end of his reign, Christianity had spread like wildfire throughout the empire, more of a secret, forbidden religion that had revolutionized the populace’s thinking. Eventually, Constantine became doubtful of his own faith, and as he was dying and making his way to the River Jordan, he was baptized near Constantinople. He died in May 337, the first Christian emperor of the Romans.


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