Today in World History: February 6th

In 1819, the modern nation of Singapore was created as the British Empire and the Johor Sultanate collaborated. Created under the guidance of British explorer Sir Stamford Raffles, it started out as a British trading post under the control of the British East India Company, the organization that would grow and eventually supplant the Indian authorities in the Indian Subcontinent. In 1824 the British Empire was able to claim full control over the small island. It developed under British rule, and in 1963, when it gained its independence, it joined several other British colonies to form Malaysia. Although Malaysia remains an independent country today, after two years as part of the country, the Malaysian parliament voted to kick Singapore out. It has since experienced massive economic and population growth, earning it a spot as one of the Four Asian Tigers, along with Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong. The Four Asian Tigers are a group of rapidly developing and growing economies, ones that are already delivering high-end goods and services. Singapore is a major port in Southeast Asia, and has a rapidly developing technological sector of the economy. In recent years it has grown more and more powerful and influential as it grows richer, despite its quite small borders, which are equal to about half of Los Angeles or London, or 2/3 of Hong Kong or New York City.

“Whether a plane to Singapore, a subway in Manhattan, or the streets of Cincinnati, I search for meaningful conversation wherever I may travel. Without it, I believe we lose the ability to not only understand others, but more importantly, ourselves.”

-Dhani Jones


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