Today in World History: January 30th

The forty-seven Ronin avenged their master on this day in world history in 1703. Samurais with no masters, Ronin usually live the rest of their lives in disgrace, when they usually commit seppuku, or an honorable suicide. After their master was killed, the forty-seven Ronin travelled the lands of Japan, formulating a plan to avenge their master and restore his honor. Breaking in to the house of the man who murdered their master, they massacred all the members of the estate, except for Kira, the owner. They found him hiding near the house, where they executed him. The forty-seven Ronin, except for a fifteen year old member, were sentenced to death. Due to their honor, however, they were not executed, and were allowed to commit seppuku. The last member died at the age of eighty-seven and was buried alongside his master and comrades.


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