Today in World History: January 24th

The assassination of the Roman Emperor Caligula happened on this day in 41 A.D.. A General in the Roman Empire, his father was the adopted nephew of the Roman Emperor Tiberius. Born as Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, he is believed to have been a benevolent ruler in his first half year of office, but became a tyrant quickly after. He was responsible for the addition of Mauretania to the Empire, as well as increasing the power of the Emperor. He was an apparently insane tyrant, who had affairs with other mens’ wives. He had a feud with the Senate of Rome, and almost bankrupted the Empire. He was assassinated by several Senators and his guards, the Praetorian Guards, after announcing that he would be moving the seat of the Empire to Alexandria, in Egypt, so he could be worshiped as a god. He became the first Roman Emperor to be assassinated, as Julius Caesar was not Emperor when he was murdered.


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